March YP of the Month

March 8th, 2019

March YP of the Month

If you want things done right, usually you gotta do ’em yourself. That is, unless, our March YP of the Month is around, in which case, just sit back and relax – she’s got it. This fabulous young woman joined our ranks a few years ago, and has appeared onstage in our shows, but has really made her mark behind the scenes in the realm of Stage Management. Focused, mature, conscientious, and fun, this young woman is probably going to be all of our bosses one day and we can’t wait. Check out her current managerial skills on Snow White later this month!

And who is this marvelously mature maker of magic and manager of minions? March’s YP of the Month is none other than…

Kristin Iosifelis!

Kristin has always loved the theatre. Kristin used to be that shy kid in the corner waiting for the day to be over so she could go home and read a book. One day her mom signed her up for a drama camp and the rest was history.

Kristin performing in Tech Week as part of Cannonball. Photo by Rob Galbraith.

One day Kristin found the company CYPT and signed up to audition, just as she was about to send out her filled out sign up she saw a little box asking if she would like to work backstage if she didn’t get cast, she clicked it without a thought that it would amount to anything (she was very wrong!). Flash forward a little bit and she didn’t get a role but she found an email in her inbox asking if she wanted to be an assistant stage manager and the rest was history (yes we’re using that phrase again)! Kristin since then has worked backstage on 3 productions and loved every second of it! The first production being Macbeth the one that started her love for working backstage, the second being Grounded, and the third is CYPTs current production of Snow White.

            In her free time Kristin enjoys reading (something that has never changed) and figuring out how that 20 second costume change is going to work because every ASM knows that the line between real life and the theatre is virtually non existent.

This sounds cliche
but Kristin doesn’t know where she would be today without theatre. Would she
still be that girl in the corner? Would she have been confident enough to step
into that audition room? Who knows but one thing’s for sure the unexpected
twists and turns that not only being an ASM for CYPT but just from being around
the amazing people she has gotten the pleasure to work with she has been
offered experiences she wouldn’t change for the world! She has been honoured to
join the ranks of CYPTs backstage ninjas!

Life rarely goes according to plan the beauty is loving what happens anyways.

Kristin Iosifelis

Actors perform Tech Week during the Cannonball Festival at West Village Theatre in Calgary on Wednesday, May 3, 2017. Written and directed by Mya Welsh, the play is one of four youth-developed productions that close out Calgary Young People’s Theatre’s 25th season. (Photo by Rob Galbraith/Little Guy Media)

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