Audition Opportunities

Cannonball 2023 Auditions


The next round of Mainstage auditions will take place in June 2023! Stay tuned for more info!

Cannonball 2023:

CYPT 2023 Cannonball Festival Auditions will take place in February of 2023.  Please stay tuned to this website for more details.


by Viktor Clayton


MAGIC is a mind-bending journey that follows 4 teens on a search to save the world from a new threat that has too much power and is not afraid to use it. These teens will have to deal with romance, friendships falling apart, being locked up in a mysterious jail for monsters, journeying through creature-infested forests, and the everyday struggles of saving the world from terrors!


Homing Pigeon

by Lula Arias & directed by Rebecca Bazant

A word doesn’t seem an intrinsically meaningful thing. But “home” appears to be loaded with nuance – both literal and metaphorical, it is a term difficult to define. How could a person exploring their personal philosophy in a semi-real space possibly be the one to figure it out? Especially with another confusing entity there, it feels like this person’s journey towards an answer is more of a stumble than anything else. Facing a convoluted exploration, it becomes evident how necessary it is for them to control both body and mind in order to find out what home might mean in the most personal sense.


As You Were

by Sloan Bristowe Turner

Is the world as I know it real? Are my friends plotting against me? Am I the only one seeing that bloody ghost in the corner? These are the classic questions begged by the state of paranoia – a staple of the too-stoned experience. Fortunately for most, the feeling is temporary, intangible. Unfortunately for Beryl and their friends, they are not most. When the search for their missing friend leads to a house that seems to feed on delusion, it falls to Beryl, the seasoned stoner, to navigate the treacherous domain where reality is as one most fears it to be.


The Gods Play Dice with the Universe

by Riley Zipursky and Maya Karagianis

Einstein (acknowledged genius) once said that “God does not play dice with the universe.” Well….what if he did? And, what if he brought his friends? You’ll see: God and his posse of weirdos (aka, other Gods) all get together to play DnD, but…they don’t get along very well. We’ll see their exploits, battles, and irritating personalities as they struggle, against all odds and the literal Devil, to succeed, for their sakes as well as…all the sakes. We’ll question their morals, side with that same Devil, and wonder what they’re really all about. Get ready for a wild ride, because the Gods are playing dice, but…well, they really suck at dice.



by Violet Griffiths, directed by Ruby Gaudet

When two lives begin to intertwine after a freak accident, an unlikely friendship forms between an overachieving musician and a drifter with the gift (or curse) of immortality.

Serendipity is a story about the joys and agonies of living. It’s a story in which everyone can find a piece of themselves. It’s an exploration of what it means to be human- because after all, life is as inevitable as death.


Wild Things and Wisps

by Kailee Owen

There are witches in these woods, and the King wants nothing more than to find them. After growing senile in his old age, King Jordan sends his knights to hunt for witches in the woods. Among these knights are Leon and Elodie, both prodigies within the corps. After an encounter with a wood-nymph and a prince, our knights find forbidden love instead of fabled sorceresses. With no end to the witch hunt in sight, our two love stories begin to spill into each other. Secrets can never stay secrets for long—not when the trees are watching you.

When are the auditions? February 22, 23, and 24, 2023

Auditions for Homing Pidgeon will be held February 13th and 14th from 6-8:30

Where are the auditions?  Auditions will be held at The Unitarian Church of Calgary, 1703 1st Street NW

Who can audition? Youth age 10+ may audition. No experience necessary!

How do I audition? Follow the 4 Step Process below.

Step 1: Get Informed

Rehearsal Schedules

The first step is to make sure you can actually BE in a play.  CYPT requires performers to be available for all performances; by auditioning, you are confirming availability for both rehearsals and performances.  If you have a small scheduling request for rehearsals, we can often accommodate, so please include those in the form below.

Casting Considerations

Here at CYPT, we are making an effort to give full disclosure about what you might expect if you were cast in one of our shows so that you can make an informed choice before auditioning, but of course it is difficult to anticipate every question or consideration that might arise, so if you have any concerns, questions, limitations, or comfort levels you’d like us to consider when casting (especially as it pertains to gender, content, ability needs, etc.) please let us know in the audition form or contact us directly.

For this round of auditions, feel free to let us know about any comfort levels regarding:

  • Accessibility needs.  If you have any accessibility needs or content questions, let us know on the form below.
  • Gender.  If you prefer to only be cast in certain gender roles, do let us know. At one of our Cannonball shows this season features queer content. Please let us know if you would prefer to not be considered for one of these roles.
  • SingingMagic is a play with music.  If you would like to be considered for a singing role, let us know!
  • Language. Most Cannonball shows are suitable for age 10+, however there is some mature language in the festival. Please let us know if you would prefer to not be considered for one of these shows.

For additional questions, email

Step 3: Fill Out Audition Form

Step 4: Prepare Your Audition

Preparing an audition is fun!  Never auditioned before?  Have no fear!  We at CYPT know that many kids have their first auditions with us, so we work hard to make the experience fun, relaxed, and creative as possible.

For this audition, please find, prepare (rehearse and memorize), and be ready to perform for us a short monologue approximately 1-2 minutes in length. If you’d like to be considered for a singing role in Magic please prepare a 30 second selection of a song of your choice.  

Here’s what will happen at this audition:

  • You’ll arrive at The Unitarian Church of Calgary and wait in the lobby until we come to get you
  • You’ll join our directors in the audition room, where you will perform your monologue and song for us
  • We might get you to do your monologue again, but with some new directions for us.  The directions could be anything from “try it again, but this time like a super villain!” to “this time, I want you to do the monologue as if you want the character you are talking to to leave the room.
  • Then we’ll ask if you have any questions, and if not, that’s it!  Your audition is done!


Audition Tips and Tricks

Never auditioned before?

Have no fear, it’s not as scary as you might think!

Below you’ll find a few tips for a successful audition.

What to Prepare

Every audition is a bit different.  Find out from the company you are auditioning for what they would like you to prepare.  Some things you may be asked to submit, bring, or prepare:

  • A headshot – this is a photograph (usually 8”x10”) of your upper body.  This will help them remember you when they’re finished auditions.
  • A resume – this is a list of your previous performance experience, performance training, and special skills (including accents you can do or odd talents like basketball juggling or kitten whispering).  It doesn’t need to be fancy, and believe it or not, your weird special skills might come in handy!
  • A monologue – a short scene performed by one person.  If they ask you to prepare a monologue, they usually want you to find a monologue from a play, memorize it, make some bold character choices, and perform it.  Don’t bring your paper up on stage with you, but keep it in your pocket so you can look at before you go into the audition room.
  • A side – this is a scene from the play you are auditioning for.  If they ask you to prepare a side, they will send it to you by email or ask you to pick it up so that you can rehearse it in advance.  Most actors like to memorize their side or at least get to know it very well, but unlike a monologue, you can bring the side  with you on stage.
  • A song – if you are auditioning for a musical, they might ask you to sing a song.  Find a song that shows off your vocal range.
  • A dance or movement piece – a very physical theatre piece or musical may require you to show off your physical skills.  Be bold, but do your best to show off YOUR skills.

What to Wear

Wear comfortable clothing that you can move in, but that is clean and professional.  This is like a job interview (but more fun).  No need to wear costumes or bring props, but if you really want to bring a prop for your monologue (something simple like a cell phone that you need to make the scene make sense), feel free.

What to Expect in the Room

Once you are ushered into the audition room, you will be introduced to the director, assistant director, and perhaps the stage manager or producer. At this time, they may ask you to sit down and have a quick chat about you.  Have no fear, they just want to get to know you a bit.

TIP: Be yourself.  Don’t try to impress or pretend, but stay positive and polite.

After that, you will be asked to perform your audition.  It might be a monologue or a piece they’ve asked you to prepare in advance.

TIP: take a second and breathe before starting your audition.  Get comfortable. Don’t rush yourself! 

TIP: Does your character in the monologue talk to another character?  If so, imagine that character is sitting right next to the director.  That way, they can see your eyes but you also aren’t staring the director in the eye which can feel a bit uncomfortable!

TIP: After you complete your audition, the director may give you some direction and ask you to do it again.  Do your best to incorporate this suggestion into your second performance, no matter how wacky or wrong it may seem.  The director wants to know if you can take direction!

Next, you may be thanked and welcomed to leave.  If so, great!  They’ve seen everything they needed to see from your audition!

It’s also possible they may ask you to do a “cold read,” at which time they might give you a page from the play you are auditioning for and ask you to do a read of it on the spot.  It means they are wondering if you are right for that character or for a character similar to it, so take a quick moment to read over it, make a bold character choice, and go for it!  It’s your first time reading it, and they know that, so don’t apologize if you make a mistake.  Have fun!

In some auditions, you may be asked to get up on your feet and move around with other actors, or show off your singing and dancing skills.  Usually, you will know in advance if this is what they are asking.


The director WANTS you to succeed!  They are hoping you will be the perfect person for a role!

If something doesn’t make sense, ask a question!  This isn’t a test, it’s a chance for a few people to get to know how each other work.

Above all, remember to have fun!  Even the best actors don’t get cast in every play, so knowing that, you can relax and just enjoying performing!