What did the moon landing sound like from the perspective of an intern?

What was the dark origin of toothpaste?

Who really pressed “launch” on the nuclear bomb?

Echo Chamber is a performance project in which youth voice actors will perform the stories and echoes of our past and present using real-life source materials like news articles, historical documents, commercials, radio broadcasts and more to immerse the listener in world of vivid characters and compelling narratives. It spins a yarn so fantastic it could only be true… By collaging diverse and conflicting sources, Echo Chamber paints a rich audio portrait of events and characters, which we will record and present as an audio-play. The only question that remains is: what story do you want to tell?

Directed by NOAH BOYLE

Noah Boyle grew up in Calgary and attended the University of Victoria for his Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Theatre. He is a CYPT alumni, having performed with them from the age of ten, and has worked at their summer camps since 2014. He is interested in the possibilities of technology in producing theatre, particularly in the age of social distancing, as well as in alternative forms of performance. He is immensely thankful to CYPT for the opportunities they offer to young artists like himself and supports their goal of producing entertaining and thought-provoking theatre with youth in Calgary.

Rehearsal/Recording: Thursday nights (6-10pm) and Sundays (1pm -9pm) from October 4 – November 12, 2020 at the Birds and Stone Studio (1703 1st street NW).  The final product will be made publicly available through

Who can audition:  anyone grade 7 – 12.  We will be selecting twelve actors.

Does this cost anything: nope, this program is completely free!  But we do expect full commitment from our actors, as in our regular mainstage productions.

Audition Requirements:

For this audition, please prepare a dramatic reading of a newspaper or magazine article published in print or online. The length of this reading should not exceed 2 minutes, so feel free to cut or edit your article. The article does not need to be memorized, but please bring it to life!

Please also come prepared to talk about a historic or current event that you find interesting and believe has a compelling story behind it.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, if you are feeling unwell or are otherwise required to self-isolate, arrangements for an online audition can be made on a case-by-case basis.  All auditioners will need to verify that they do not have any symptoms and have had not had contact with any confirmed covid cases or travelled outside the country in 14 days.