We are now holding auditions for…

FOMO (Or What Shakespeare Did During the Plague)  
A Quarantimes Play
Directed by Jamie Dunsdon

When the plague hit London, the greatest playwright in history was forced to close his theatre doors.And then he got to work. 

He stained a woman’s hands with blood, wove a tapestry of forbidden love, and enchanted a solitary man’s island with magic.  He wrote plays, breathed life into sonnets, invented words, and imagined worlds. He put a bear in a play.

Now let’s see if we can do the same.

FOMO or What Shakespeare Did During the Plague will be a collectively-created play, rehearsed and performed online.  A mix of contemporary and classical motifs, styles, fears, and desires woven into a new narrative.

About our Auditions

When are they?

Auditions will be held June 24th & 25th, 2020.

Where are they?

Auditions will be happening over Zoom!

How much does it cost?

Usually our mainstage productions are tuition-based programs for those who are cast. Due to the experimental nature of this “Zoom Play” there will not be a mandatory tuition. If participants are in a position to support CYPT we would greatly appreciate and value a donation in these trying times.

What age do I have to be to audition?

This show may contain some adult content and will be an intensive acting and creation process, and as such, we are only auditioning young people who are entering grade 10-12 in the fall, or who have just graduated from grade 12.

What will I have to do at the audition?

Auditions will be held on Zoom. Please be prepared to perform any contemporary monologue, performed to the computer camera as though the character you are speaking to is also on zoom. Alternatively, you could write a Shakespearean style sonnet about a contemporary issue, and perform that as the character who wrote it.

Want some audition tips and tricks?  Click here.

What do you mean “Zoom Play”?

The Creation, Rehearsals and Performances of this play will take place online over Zoom!

Creation dates: July 13 – 17, 2020
Rehearsal dates: July 20 – 31, 2020
Tech/Performance: August 1 – 9, 2020

How do I sign up?

Step One: Sign up for an audition slot HERE.

Step Two: If you have never been in a CYPT play, please send a headshot and performance resume to

Step Three: Keep an eye on your email the day of your audition, this is when we will distribute the Zoom access password!