We are now holding auditions for our annual Cannonball Festival of Youth Theatre!  These productions are all written, directed, stage managed, designed, and performed by youth!  Keep reading to sign up

About our Auditions

When are they?

Auditions will be held January 26 and January 28, 2020.

Where are they?

Auditions are in the CYPT space in the basement of the Unitarian Church of Calgary, located at 1703 1st street NW.

How much does it cost?

Our mainstage productions are tuition-based programs, but our Cannonball Festival is absolutely free for all participants!

What age do I have to be to audition?

This year, Cannonball auditions are open to youth age 13-18.  If you are younger, have no fear, we will have auditions for younger kids later in the year.

What will I have to do at the audition?

Please rehearse a monologue of your choice that you can perform for us at the auditions.  The monologue should be 1-2 minutes long and can be comedic or dramatic.  After you perform your monologue, we may ask you to read a scene from one of the plays in the festival.  Our auditions are fun and relaxed, so have no fear!

Want some audition tips and tricks?  Click here.

What is this festival?

Cannonball is a festival of one act plays written, directed, designed, stage managed, and performed by youth age 12 – 18.  This year’s festival will take place at West Village Theatre.

When is it?

Rehearsals will take place throughout March and April, 2020.  Most shows will rehearse two days a week, schedule TBD.  The festival runs April 29 – May 9, 2020.  

How do I sign up?

Step One: Sign up for an audition slot HERE.

Step Two: Fill out an audition form HERE!

Step Three: Send us a photo (headshot) and a performance resume if you have one HERE.  This step is optional!  If you don’t have a performance resume, don’t worry – many of our kids don’t!

The Shows!

One Small Step by Faith Conner
One small step is a story of conspiracy, drama, and betrayal. The year: 1969. The war: Cold. This is the totally absolutely true tale of the faking of the moon landing. Will this band of incompetent film majors pull it off? Or will they crash and burn?

Three Peas to a Pod. by Daniella Snyder-Blok
Colin, your awkward compassionate florist has decided to take the next step in his life by proposing to his girlfriend Charlotte. Everything is planned to the most minuscule detail; a homemade meal and decorations set to impress. The night should be perfect, right? The arrival of a unanticipated guest however, de-rails plans, expectation and even hope of the intended outcome.

Not Everyone’s the Same by Amanda Petti
Imagine how different life would be if you couldn’t feel emotions. Well, for 15 year-old Clara, that is the reality she lives every day. After being born with a rare neuropsychiatric disorder, Clara finds herself unable to react to anything, even the recent tragic news regarding her own family. Finally, after a long and confusing 15 years, Clara receives a real diagnosis, sparking her interest and causing her to investigate her ailment further. When exploring this with her friends, she accidentally gains the ability to feel an emotion… loneliness. With the newfound knowledge that she can, in fact, feel emotions with a little hard work, Clara devises a plan. Now she must navigate through her life while receiving new emotions which leads to a few struggles, especially surrounding her newest added emotion: love.

Going Up by Anton Matsigura & Adriana Jenkins
So you’re stuck in an elevator. It sucks. It reeeeally sucks. You’re stuck with people you don’t know, and you don’t like. The walls start closing in. You can’t breathe. So here you are, you and four complete strangers who soon realize they’re not going up, they’re not going anywhere. They should’ve taken the stairs.

Purloin: In The Company of Scoundrels by Zoe Bechtold
Powerful magical artifacts. Lengthy backstories. A motley crew of characters, each in a class of their own. The Die have been cast, the game set in motion. But are they here of their own initiative, or are they being played? Purloin: In the Company of Scoundrels is an entertaining yarn about loyalties, kazoos, and a single night that will change everything. It is inspired by the fantasy role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons. So grab your snacks, sword, shield, and snark and let the adventure begin!

Hallway by Ella Meakin & Gillian Welsh
Ever wonder what’s going on in the hallways of a high school the week before graduation? This group of friends are gearing up for the rest of their lives, and things aren’t going exactly as they expected. Will these friendships survive the stress and distance after graduation? Missing pets, love triangles, and college acceptance letters are only the beginning for Brynn, Luca, Elliot, Tess and Chris.

A Dozen Roses by Anya McKercher
Members of their organization are smart, capable, ruthless: in a word, elite — at least, in theory. For Agents Williams and Mason, this ideal is perhaps a little far from the truth. But when our two intrepid heroes are assigned to a simple intelligence gathering mission, their job seems to be for once an easy one. Unfortunately for them, there’s more to their target than meets the eye, and they soon realize they’re in for more than they bargained for. A story filled with chaos, intrigue, and an unfortunate number of puns ensues as the two B grade agents struggle to overcome the obstacles in their way and are outsmarted at every turn. A Dozen Roses — the least romantic play about flowers.

Terror: A Love Story by Link Bechtold
Paris, 1793 – The Revolution has been trundling along nicely; fashions are changing, people are uniting, and heads are being cut off with a charming regularity.  But for Maximilien Robespierre, the Revolution has become a bit too… routine.  Hoping to rekindle France’s former fervor, Robespierre seeks the help of the infamous bathridden editor, Jean-Paul Marat.  Within minutes of Robespierre’s first visit things start to heat up – but not in the way either man expects.  As Marat and Robespierre begin to explore their deepening feelings for each other, their plans for France are threatened by a visiting country noble woman, who is determined to return France to its less-bloodthirsty ways.  Part romance, part political drama, Terror: A Love Story cleverly reimagines the events leading up to the Reign of Terror.

2012 at West Village Theatre in Calgary on Friday, May 31, 2019. Written and directed by Ben Gaudet and Heather Thomas, the Calgary Young People’s Theatre production is one of six youth-developed plays that comprise this year’s edition of the Cannonball Festival of Youth Theatre. (Photo by Rob Galbraith/Little Guy Media)
Session at West Village Theatre in Calgary on Sunday, June 2, 2019. Written by Mya Welsh and Ella Meakin, the Calgary Young People’s Theatre production is one of six youth-developed plays that comprise this year’s edition of the Cannonball Festival of Youth Theatre. (Photo by Rob Galbraith/Little Guy Media)
Metamorphosis at West Village Theatre in Calgary on Saturday, June 1, 2019. Written and directed by Aiden Lang and Geneva Murphy, the Calgary Young People’s Theatre production is one of six youth-developed plays that comprise this year’s edition of the Cannonball Festival of Youth Theatre. (Photo by Rob Galbraith/Little Guy Media)