Cannonball 2021 Auditions (online)

That’s right, CYPT is attempting to move forward with our 2021 Cannonball Festival!

Important Disclaimer: Look, we’re not entirely sure what’s going to happen over the next few months.  It’s possible that by March we’ll be allowed back in rehearsal rooms and by May we’ll be up onstage for the annual festival, sitting in the audience snacking on vaccines like they are Skittles.  It’s also possible there will be a third wave that prevents any of that from happening or that COVID-19 numbers don’t sink low enough to allow us to even be in the same room and we might have to delay the festival until summer or next year. It’s also possible a giant bee will come down from the moon to invade the planet, and we won’t even be thinking about pandemics or theatre because we’ll just be focused on fighting back the Moon Bee by hitting it with its only known weakness: love. Whatever the case, CYPT has the safety and health of our kids and our community at heart and will only move forward if our Health leaders say its safe, so for now, we’re moving forward with auditions in the hopes that we’ll be able to rehearse these amazing shows this spring, but we promise to keep you posted.  So, with that said, here’s to announcing auditions for the…

2021 Cannonball Festival!

Rehearsals: twice weekly starting mid March – May.  Exact schedules TBA, so please list any time conflicts when signing up.

Performances: the festival will run May 2 – 22, 2021 with each show being assigned one week of the festival.  Exact line-up pending scheduling.

All rehearsals and performances will be safely socially distanced and protected in accordance with AHS guidelines.  For exact details, contact cypt[at]


This year’s line-up includes some of the shows that were cancelled due to the pandemic last May, as well as some brand new shows written this year:

  • Three Peas to a Pod written and directed by Daniella Snyders-Blok
  • Going Up written and directed by Anton Matsigura with Adriana Jenkins
  • The Waiting Room written and directed by Danielle Simon
  • Terror: a Love Story by Link Bechtold, directed by Logan Winn
  • In Reality written and directed by Amanda Petti
  • Purloin in the Company of Scoundrels by Zoe Bechtold directed by Violet Griffiths
  • Dreamer: a Musical written and directed by Tayah Funk
  • A Dozen Roses by Anya McKercher directed by Ben Gaudet
  • Fairyland written and directed by Molly Greenaway

Audition Requirements

Some of the shows listed above were cast last spring and will not be open for casting, some are partially cast, and some are looking for a full cast of actors! 

Requirements: all actors must be age 12+

Auditions will take place on Zoom February 4 and February 6, 2020.  You will be sent a Zoom link the morning of your audition.

For your audition, please prepare:

  • a short 1-2 minute monologue of your choice that demonstrates your skills.  This could be a monologue you found in a play, something you found online, or something you wrote.  Make sure you know it very well, because we might ask you to try it a few different ways. We don’t recommend choosing a film monologue, because it can be difficult to perform something that you’ve already seen on screen.
  • if you can sing and are interested in being considered for the one musical in our festival, please prepare a 45 second song from a musical of your choice.  Musical accompaniment is not necessary, but if you can arrange it, that’s great too!

To audition, please sign up today!