2018 Cannonball Cast Lists

February 1st, 2018

2018 Cannonball Cast Lists

2018 Cannonball Festival Cast Lists

CYPT is delighted to announce the cast lists for our 2018 Cannonball Festival of Youth Theatre.  Thank you so much to everyone who came out for a role!  Many very skilled actors were not cast for a variety of reasons, including from scheduling conflicts to just being the second choice for every role!  We were really impressed by the quality of the auditions, and we highly encourage you all to stay tuned to this site.  We’ll be announcing our 2018/19 season on May 5 at our Season Launch, including the next round of auditions.

Want to improve your audition skills?  One of the best ways to get better is to attend our shows and see what we do!  We also have an audition tips page, and are planning an audition workshop in the summer.

For the performers cast in the below shows, please email admin@cypt.ca or fill out the form below to accept your role.

Cannonball! Festival 2018 Cast Lists

Home to McMillen

written and directed by Abby Hunter

Paul – Jake Bunyan
Lacey – Taylor Williams

The Love Life of Electro

written and directed by Zoe Bechtold

Electro – Zachary Bruvold
Brian – Logan MacMaster
Geraldine – Taj Sangha
Davy – Xochi Macleod
Billy – Noah Ulicki
Irene – Isabelle Budgell
Tiscillius – Toik Tieleman
Nelly – Olivia Bechtold
Link – Bailey Lohmann

Centre Street

written and directed by Mari Wilson

Rose – Michelle Warren
Ash – Miranda Pate
Rose’s Mother – Heather Wall
Rose’s Father – Kyle Van Aswegen
Ash’s Mother – Anna Johnson
Ash’s Other Mother – Nadia Kolesnikova
Governor – Jonas Swain
Reporter 1 – Claire Sonmor
Reporter 2 – Ben Gaudet

Any Night

written by Daniel Arnold and Medina Hahn
directed by Robert Morrison

Anna – Haylee Thompson
Patrick – Kye Gillespie


written and directed by Noah Baker

Man – Zac Buller
Woman – Aela Herbert

Unpaid Programming

an improvised reality show, directed by Zach Friesen and Angel Lo

Aiden Lang
Izzy Laesecke
Thea Libin
Andrew Costinak
Grady Galbraith
Luna Sinclair

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