April YP of the Month

April 4th, 2016

April YP of the Month

This month, we celebrate our April YP of the Month with a lot of joy and a bit of sadness, because although she’s moving away from Calgary in the coming months and we have to say so long (for now), we’ve got lots of fun times to remember.  In the short time we’ve had with this remarkable young woman, we’ve had the opportunity to watch her grow as a performer in the most wonderful ways.  Her stage presence is nothing short of magnetic, and her commitment to her craft is inspiring to all of us.  We know there are great things ahead for her, and with so much potential, we know she’s going to take many more stages by storm.  We’ve adored having her in our rehearsal hall and we can’t wait to see what she does next.  And who is this exquisitely energetic theatre enthusiast?

April’s YP of the Month is none other than,

Maya Saelens!!!


Maya in The Sleepy Hollow Project (2014)

Ever since Maya was little, she had a love for the theatre. Whether you were a friend, family member or stranger, you would be expected to either participate in a play (which she directed and acted in) or be an audience member. That love for theatre continued when she began show choir (North of Broadway Show Choir in Okotoks) when she was six. There, she found a home.

When she was eleven, she found Calgary Young People’s Theatre. Because she lives in Okotoks, it was a big commitment, but she’s so glad she did it. Maya has been with CYPT for 3 productions, including The Sleepy Hollow Project and Atlantis. She also continued with North of Broadway for six years until 2013.


Maya as a Siren in Atlantis (2015)

When Maya isn’t on stage, she enjoys drinking tea, listening to the soundtrack for Les Misérables, playing guitar and writing short stories (which she never finishes). Maya would do anything to be able to be a part of more shows with the amazing people at CYPT but she’s moving to Edmonton this summer. She will take with her many treasured memories.

Maya would like to give a special thanks to Kristin who has been such an incredible role model. All of the fantastic people at CYPT have been such a positive influence in her life. She would also like to thank her parents for driving her to the city and the beautiful actors who continue to inspire her every day. Maya will be forever grateful to be able to have had such an extraordinary experience with CYPT.

I believe that my next step on my “storied” journey is acting. Perhaps you will agree?”

-Maya’s first monologue at CYPT

photo 5

Maya and The Sleepy Hollow Project girls out for lunch (also Jack Storwick, the sneak).

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