Season 29 Cast Lists

August 30th, 2021

Season 29 Cast Lists

Thank you all so much for auditioning for Much Ado About Nothing and The Tuesday Crew/Friends of Mine. We were blown away by you all, and we so appreciate the time and energy you gave toward your auditions. Many of you clearly spent a LOT of time on these auditions, and it showed!

To those who were cast, you will receive an email in the coming week or so with lots of information.

To those who didn’t make the cast list this time, PLEASE keep auditioning as there was a lot of tremendous talent that we just didn’t have enough roles for. And a reminder, Cannonball submissions are due at the end of September, and fall acting classes are open for registration now!

Much Ado About Nothing

BENEDICK: Anton Matsigura
DON PEDRO: Grady Galbraith
LEONATO: Matthew Denittis
CLAUDIO: Erwin Afshar
HERO: Ruby Gaudet
DON JOHN: Aidan Lang
BORACHIO: Jackson MacNeil
CONRADE: Katie O’Keefe
MARGARET: Zoe Isabela Alcocer-Iturriza
URSULA: Amelia Hughes
ANTONIA: Mari Wilson
DOGBERRY: Maya Dixon

Alice Leci
Tessa Laidlaw
Naomi Krahn
Chloe Dyck

Elizabeth McDonald
Izyan Ali
Maya Sekida

Friends of Mine/The Tuesday Crew

ALEIGHA DEKORT: Young Guckie / Laundro-rat Gang
ALEXANDRIA LEE: Charlotte / Brenda the Speedwalker Mama
ANNIKA KEATLEY: Robin / Broomhilda the clairvoyant
CHLOE ARSENAULT: Young Riley / Tugg the Twin
CHLOË HITTEL: Tourist / Samuel Ringo Giggles
DANIELLE SIMON: Jerry the Teen / Junie the favourite
EMILY LEE: Young Charlotte / Laundro-rat Gang
GIANA CHAALAN: Robin’s Mom / Lucielle the Triple Threat
JAYDA FREEMAN: Riley / Louise the Outsider
KATE NORIEGA: Lillian/ Zipp the Twin
KATIE RONHAAR: Guckie / Anita the Brooder of few words
LUKE GAUGHER: Jay / David the Do-it-all-dad
ROHAN KHARE: Gunderson / Harvey the Retired Detective
THAI HARRIS: Young Jay / Laundro-rat Gang
VIOLET GRIFFITHS: Sharon / Gladys Judith Thompson the owner
of the Mat
AMMI LEGESSE: Townsperson / The distractors (cameo characters)
ELLA SCHLUFF: Townsperson / The distractors (cameo characters)
MAYA ONABULE: Townsperson / The distractors (cameo characters)

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