September YP of the Month

September 7th, 2016

September YP of the Month

Fall returns and we’re back at work on our mainstage season of plays, which have just been cast.  In fact, rehearsals for The Three Musketeers start THIS WEEK!  One of our team members on this fun new show is none other than our September YP of the month, who you may have never seen before because she’s basically a ninja.  Dressed in black, she darts around backstage solving problems, handling emergencies, and making sure everything is where it needs to be before the next scene.  She’s worked as a Stage Manager and an Assistant Stage Manager on our shows, and is simply one of the most reliable and most fun young personalities you could hope to have managing your stage.  And who is this wonderfully wacky wizard in the wings?

September’s YP of the Month is none other than,

Lauren Moore!!!

Lauren and Grace, Stage Management Sisters.

Lauren and Grace, Stage Management Sisters

In all 16 years of her life, Lauren never thought she would end up where she is now. She started off by attending the stage makeup summer camp in 2015. She only did it to try something new and pass time, turns out Lauren really enjoyed it and it opened up a new window of opportunity. This lead her to help out with the makeup for Atlantis as well as assist stage managing with Grace Wilson and Gillian Webster. After doing it once she fell in love with it and wanted to continue on with more shows. Next she got to Stage manage Silence for the Cannonball festival and later stepped in last minute to help out on The War of the Worlds Project. She also decided to do the stage makeup camp again for the second year in a row and definitely plans to do it a third time.
IMG_7224Lauren has made so many new friends and memories at CYPT that she will never forget. She is thankful to everyone who has helped her along the way and is super excited to be creating some more memories in the Three Musketeers.

I never planned to be where I am today but I have no regrets

-Lauren Moore

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