Cast Lists: A Play About a Dragon and Love & Information

May 28th, 2019

Cast Lists: A Play About a Dragon and Love & Information

Cast Lists: A Play About a Dragon and Love & Information

On behalf of the directors of A Play About a Dragon and Love & Information, we would like to thank everyone for auditioning for our plays. While we were not able to cast everyone, we were so impressed with all the young talent and we would like to encourage everyone to come back and audition again in September for The Nutcracker and Runs in the Family. In the meantime, consider signing up for a teen intensive summer camp, such as our musical theatre camp for teens, stage combat for teens, or any of our camps for youth age 4-18!

The casts lists are as follows:

A Play About a Dragon

  • Roland: MARI WILSON
  • Morton: BEN GAUDET
  • Folly: RUBY GAUDET
  • Lord Mollymop / Rodney / Sir Smallpart: ADRIANA JENKINS
  • Lady Dottie / Barry: MORGAN TKACHUK
  • Prince Pinky / Roberta: NOAH ULICKI
  • Dragon Puppeteer / Agnes: CAYDENCE MARIN
  • Dragon Puppeteer / Beatrice: ALYSSA BJORNSON

Please email to accept your role!

Love & Information

  • Luke Guacher
  • Megan Kratz
  • Nora-Jane Bonner
  • Rosemary Morrison
  • Vicky Pablo
  • Ben Gaudet
  • Mya Welsh
  • Dana Prather
  • Anthony Cummings
  • Nicolas Lohmann
  • Sophie Dippel
  • Peniel Negre

Please email to accept your role!

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