June YP of the Month

June 2nd, 2016

June YP of the Month

Our summer show, The War of the Worlds Project has been cast and will begin creation next month, and we’re super excited about it.  What makes us even more excited is to welcome one young man (who just happens to be the June YP of the Month) to his first summer show with CYPT, although he’s been kicking around for ages.  We love this guy.  He’s that guy who always has a ridiculous story to make the team laugh.  He’s also grown into a mighty fine actor, having appeared in multiple CYPT shows, and was even in Storybook Theatre’s recent production of The Lord of the Flies!  We love him to death and can’t wait to see what kind of fun he brings to our summer show.  And who is this wild and wacky wizard of our weird world?

June’s YP of the Month is none other than,

Zac Buller!!!


Zac and Parker in Atlantis (2015)

Zac has done many shows with CYPT such as The Lost Prince, Count of Monte Cristo and Atlantis. He’s done the library touring shows twice as well. He enjoys playing characters of all types from the clueless, cheerful prince to the downright salty prison warden. He has even played Bubbles: King of Cats. In his spare time Zac likes to golf, watch more TV than he probably should, and play Santa Claus in school plays.

“CYPT is like a family that you go through long periods of time with, just them doing things that are fun (performances) and things that aren’t (Q to Q). You love them all to death even through all the drama, never stop coming back.”

-Zac Buller


Zac getting into character before the Calgary International Children’s Festival


Zac and Aurora in The Lost Prince (2015)


Zac (far right) along with the cast of The Man in the Moon (2011).

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