2021 Cannonball Festival Cast Lists

February 8th, 2021

2021 Cannonball Festival Cast Lists

Thank you to everyone who joined us online to audition for Cannonball! The casting decisions were extremely difficult, and the directors were all so grateful for the extremely high level of talent to choose from. As always, we remind first-time auditionees that it sometimes takes several tries to be cast, so keep auditioning!

Please note: it’s still entirely possible the 2021 Cannonball Festival might not happen due to COVID-19. We have hope it might be possible, with rehearsals hopefully starting in mid-March and performances from May 2 – 22, but we are still working with public health officials to see what’s possible and safe. We hope to send out tentative rehearsals schedules in the next two weeks, and will hopefully have a final decision on Cannonball by March 1st.

If you have any questions, please email Jamie at cypt[at]cypt.ca

Casts lists as follows:

The Waiting Room

by Danielle Simon

  • THEO: Erwin Afshar
  • AJ: Neil Palmaria
  • DOM: Lennon Paul
  • KALANI: Jenna Paquette

A Dozen Roses

by Anya McKercher, Directed by Ben Gaudet

  • Mason: Alice Leci
  • Williams: Brayanna Mustard
  • Sinclair: Ruby Gaudet

Fairyland (working title)

by Molly Greenaway

  • Mother: Maya Sekida
  • Daughter: Lily Nelson
  • Gnome/Crow/Ensemble: Luke Martindale
  • Marisol/Ensemble: Grace Parkes
  • Aradia/Ensemble: Megan Wrubleski

Purloin: In the Company of Scoundrels

by Zoe Bechtold, Directed by Violet Griffiths

  • Bard: Zoe-Isabela Alcocer Iturriza
  • Rogue: Ella Schluff 
  • Fighter: Aaliyah Childs
  • Ranger: Olivia Cosgrove
  • Fazzio: Molly Corkey-Flatters
  • Cleric/Cologne: Katie Ronhaar

In Reality

by Amanda Petti

  • PIERRE: Andrés Macià Cajiao
  • MYNDEIGH: Emily Rennick
  • RUSSEL: Ray Hyder

Terror: a Love Story

by Link Bechtold, Directed by Logan Winn

  • Marat: Ben Gaudet
  • Robespierre: Sam Armstrong
  • Charlotte: Alyssa Bjornson
  • Collette: Vivianne Brousseau
  • Vivien: Ana Morrow
  • Mirabelle: Maya Kowalczewski

Going Up

by Anton Matsigura and Adriana Jenkins

  • Bellhop: Hannah Wu
  • Business Man: Grady Galbraith 
  • Tourist: Haley Mowatt 
  • Theorist: Molly Roberts 


by Tayah Funk

  • Hazel: Alexandria Lee
  • Rose: Jayda Freeman
  • Piper: Amy Warren

Three Peas to a Pod

by Daniella Snyders-Blok

  • Colin: Luke Gaucher
  • Charlotte: Hazel Marion
  • Benji: Aiden Lang

Thanks to everyone who auditioned!!

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