2017 Cannonball Cast Lists Announced!

January 31st, 2017

2017 Cannonball Cast Lists Announced!

2017 Cannonball Festival Cast Lists

CYPT is delighted to announce the cast lists for our 2017 Cannonball Productions!  Our teen directors had a long difficult casting session, and would like you all to know how wonderful you were and would like to thank you for coming out to audition.  CYPT’s next auditions will take place in May 2017 for our summer production, to be announced this spring.

Please email admin@cypt.ca to accept your role in your Cannonball show!

Tech Week

Andrew Shepherd – Edwin
Carter Debusschere – Brian
Jordyn Wood – Christy
Kristin Iosifelis – Diana
Megan Cairns – Amber
Sarah Shepherd – Selena

The Chip on Your Shoulder

Andrew Costinak – Dealer
Ben Gaudet – Anthony
Ciaran Bailey – Wesley
Jonas Swain – Julian
Kayla McArthur – Joan
Taylor Williams – Cara

This is Not A Love Story

Claire Hearn – Voice
MacKenzie Ireland – Emma
Noah Baker – Thomas
Sebastian Rueda – Evan
Zachary Friesen – Sam

What I Stand For is What I Stand On

Amy Kisser – Iris
Alexia Sabau – River
Aubrey Baux – Rose
Catrina Bowles – Cadence
Faith Conner – Robin
Farah Moore – Daisy
Kal Rivera – Discord
Katrina Wong – Raven
Lili Sinnathamby – Poppy
Luna Sinclair – Soleil
Nicole Millar – Luna
Ragna Strous – Clover
Teagan Sisson – Cedar

Please email admin@cypt.ca to accept your role in your Cannonball show!

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