May YP of the Month

May 4th, 2015

May YP of the Month

Every now and then, a kid steps up and says “Sure, I can memorize that new monologue that was added to the script three days before opening night!  No problem!  Need anything else?  Coffee?  Juice?  Tea?”  We love that kid.

This year, that kid was a girl we’ve been watching grow at CYPT for years, and who is also our May YP of the Month.  She proved to us time and time again during our last show that when you need something done fast, but you also need it done right, she’s your gal.  It helps that she’s also a fantastic performer, and pretty funny to boot.  And who is this dependable and delightful drama-doer?

May’s YP of the Month is none other than,

Kayla McArthur!!

It was the 3rd grade when Kayla started acting, and after delivering that first line onstage that she realized that this was something she hoped to do for a long time. Starting with school plays was good for a start, but it wasn’t long before she wanted to act more, so she started looking for a theatre company. She found a place called Theatre Works where she stayed for a few years, and she loved it! Acting opened so many doors for her, she loved to see the way the characters saw because it was new and interesting. It was at that time Kayla came across another theatre company called CYPT.


Kayla (right) as Molly and Maddie (left) as Winnie in The Lost Prince (2015).

She took drama classes there and automatically loved it. She has been with CYPT for 4 years now and after doing her first CYPT production in grade 6, she has been going there nonstop. Her most recent production was the lost prince by Jamie Dunsdon, and she is super excited to continue at CYPT. She is always telling people how awesome CYPT is because they are such a welcoming company, and Kayla knows she wouldn’t be the actress she is today if it wasn’t for this awesome company. Thanks so much CYPT!

“During the course of my pre-teen years I looked for a place I could fit in. I found that place, its called CYPT.”
Kayla McArthur

Kayla (left) and the libation bearers in The Curse of the House of Atreus (2014)

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