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Behind the Scenes

December YP of the Month

December YP of the MonthAnd that’s a wrap on 2017.  Phew.  It was a big year for us, with lots going on, envelopes being pushed all over the place, and the closing of our most recent show, Grounded, just days ago.  And what a show it was!  When we weren’t been scandalized by the salty language onstage, we were […]

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November YP of the Month

November YP of the MonthSomehow it’s November, and somehow – just weeks after closing Unity – we’re opening our next show in Season 26: All Growed Up, the world premiere of Grounded!  And speaking of ‘all growed up,’ we also got to celebrate the 18th birthday of one of our graduating performers last month.  You will have seen this […]

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