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Behind the Scenes

January YP of the Month

January YP of the MonthFor some people, theatre is a fun pastime.  And that’s great.  For others, though, it’s woven into the fabric of their DNA, it’s what fuels them personally, socially, intellectually, and artistically. I think the latter is true of our January YP of the Month.  A leader in our ranks, this young artist absolutely breathes theatre.  […]

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December YP of the Month

December YP of the MonthSome kids play sweethearts.  Some kids play villains.  Some kids can do both at the same time!  This young lady has been on CYPT stages for years, often in slightly spooky roles, often as a member of a very spooky ensemble of furies or witches or dead kids…  and yet no matter how skilled she […]

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