Noah Boyle

About Noah

Noah Boyle is an emerging theatre artist in Calgary, a graduate of the University of Victoria’s BFA program and a CYPT alumni! His previous directorial credits include The Echo Chamber (CYPT) and He Leaves No Trace (Mind the Gap Theatre). He has also had the privilege of being the interim Artistic Producer at CYPT for the past 9 months, and has gained a deeper appreciation for the intelligence and dedication of the individuals who continue to grow and improve the company year after year. He is immensely grateful to Kristin Eveleigh, Jamie Dunsdon and Zoë Arthur, who continually support him in his endeavors and encourage his creative spirit, and without whom he would never have embarked on his journey in the theatrical arts. He is also grateful to the cast of Someday, who’s willingness to dive headlong into this strange sci fi universe inspired him in every single rehearsal. He appreciates your patronage, your support of the arts and the kids who make it, and hopes you enjoy the show!