Naomi Krahn

About Naomi

Kaomi Nrahn, a primitive species of worm, not to be confused with its descendant, Naomi Krahn. Kaomi Nrahn acted much the same as their modern day counterpart. The species Kaomi Nrahn was theorized to have enjoyed theatre. Archeological evidence suggests they performed in such plays as SNOW WHITE, THE NUTCRACKER, ECHOCHAMBER, MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING and HOW TO MAKE SMALL TALK AT A WEDDING. There is most likely more but this is as far as our research has gotten. When not acting, the genus was hypothesized to have enjoyed music and art, sometimes combining the two. Seemingly the only evolutionary difference between Kaomi Nrahn and Naomi Krahn is appearance. The Naomi Krahn species evolved over time to present similarly to a human. Despite this, most of the organs including the brain remain the same. The species has shown a proficiency in human languages compared to most other types of worm. As shown from various comparative worm studies, it would probably be comparable to a dyslexic 11th grader in cognitive ability. Recent evidence suggests that the Kaomi Nrahn much like Naomi Krahn is/was excited to be a part of A LITTLE PRINCESS, and hopes/hoped you enjoy/enjoyed the show.