Mike Tan

About Mike

A long-time bed-wetter, Mike has also dubbed himself the 5th member of the 90s pop group, Boyz II Men. His proudest accomplishment was the day he learned how to velcro his shoes. He fought a bear once. Really! It’s true! The bear attacked him from behind and broke his Quidditch arm, and he’s pretty sure he wouldn’t have survived if the nice ladies who worked there at Build-A-Bear hadn’t helped him untangle it from around his neck, stuff it with love, and name it Gary. Mike would like to thank his best friend Jamie and sincerely regrets that he didn’t send his bio in time. He’s super grateful that CYPT saw fit to mention that he’s also a widely respected actor, designer, and photographer, having most recently won a Betty Mitchell Award for his performance in Travels With My Aunt.