Maya Dixon

About Maya

After 6 years with CYPT, Maya is performing in their 9th show with this amazing company! Maya is 13 years old and in 8th grade. When Maya isn’t devoting everything they have to acting, they enjoy hanging out with friends, chatting with friends online, and trying (very hard) to convince them that their spelling is in fact intelligible. Besides being in the show you’re seeing today, you may have noticed Maya lurking in the stage lights of these other shows: The Probably True (But Also Made Up) Adventures of the Imaginary Bookclub, Snow White, A Play About a Dragon, The Nutcracker: A New Adventure, Much Ado About Nothing, Purloin: In the Company of Scoundrels, A Little Princess, and Real Boi (CYPT). Maya also spends a lot of time listening to Lady Gaga. They felt that was important to mention. Lastly, Maya would like to thank their friends and family, especially their family, who support them in their acting career and spend so much gas on them.