Maya Dixon

About Maya

Maya has returned once again for their 8th CYPT show!! Coincidentally, Maya is in 8th grade and is 13! Prior to Real Boi, you may have spotted Maya in other productions like: THE PROBABLY TRUE (BUT ALSO MADE UP) ADVENTURES OF THE IMAGINARY BOOKCLUB, SNOW WHITE, A PLAY ABOUT A DRAGON, THE NUTCRACKER: A NEW ADVENTURE, MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, PURLOIN: IN THE COMPANY OF SCOUNDRELS, A LITTLE PRINCESS. When Maya isn’t working with CYPT, they enjoy relaxing at home, talking to friends and going out with them, and bragging about being the best at roblox uno. And I may or may not be lying about that… we’ll never know. Maya is also very thankful for the loads of support they have received from friends and family throughout the years as well as the loads of gas used.