Maya Dixon

About Maya

Back for their 12th CYPT show, it seems that Maya simply can’t get enough and is back again for Whimsy! (or What Happens If Magic Separate You?) Maya is currently in grade 9, and starting next year, us hoping to attend Central Memorial. From a young age, they have had a passion for the performing arts, and CYPT has helped them hone that skill greatly. Throughout the years they’ve been acting, you may have seen them in shows such as: A Play About a Dragon, Much Ado About Nothing, Purloin: In The Company of Scoundrels, A Little Princess, Real Boi, The Poison Squad (CYPT). They are so thankful to have a place to learn grow, and they have so many friends and family members who support this. They sincerely hope you have a great time seeing Whimsy!