Kristin Eveleigh

About Kristin

Kristin is the Executive Artistic Director at Calgary Young People’s Theatre, and has been working with the company as a director with the company since she was but a wee sprite.  She is also a frequent CYPT playwright and sound designer, as well as the facilitator of the Outpatient Collective, a writing ensemble made up of each year’s graduates who team up to create a show for the following season. Outside of CYPT, Kristin is a performer, creator, and sound designer who has worked for companies like Verb Theatre, StoryBook Theatre, and The Calgary Opera.  She is an ensemble member  8ROJO, an award-winning Canadian visual performance ensemble.

Kristin loves her kids Piper and Everett, her family, doing handstands, I LOVE YOU MAN, drinking coffee, playing the piano, PUNCH CLUB, dancing, Michael, basic math, laughing, floor hockey, stretching, singing duets in her band with Pat and eating Swiss Chalet.