Bethany Dierdorff

About Bethany

Bethany Dierdorff has channeled her passion for the sewing and fashion by crafting costumes and doing makeup design for theater and film! She enjoys bringing characters to life through funky costuming; always trying to use upcycled or thrifted pieces.

Bethany can be found volunteering her time at the Dr. Giggles House of Pain haunted house, creating character costumes and props. Or working on indie film sets helping out wherever she can – although she always prefers to be sewing.

Her most recent breakthrough came with the short film ‘The House of Pain’ where she worked not only in costumes and make up –  but also as an actor, and camera operator.

Bethany is excited to now be working with CYPT on Someday, to create this fun, sci-fi, robot fantasy!