Anton Matsigura

About Anton

As it approaches Anton’s 9th year with CYPT, he is incredibly excited to be sticking his Alumni fingers in the pot of the 2022 Outpatient Collective who have been working unabatedly to put this wacky musical together over the past year. You may have caught Anton in past productions at CYPT ranging from Village of Idiots (2016) to most recently Much Ado About Nothing (2021). CYPT has always held a special place in Anton’s heart and it has filled him with warmth and joy as it does for anyone who has experienced the magic of youth theatre. During the ever-fleeting free time in Anton’s short life thus far, he enjoys mastering the art of the hit card game Dutch Blitz and the luxuries of long naps and home-cooked meals. Regardless, he wants nothing more than for you to settle, stretch, and embrace the toxically hilarious musical The Poison Squad!