Ella Schluff

About Ella

Ella is thrilled to be in CYPTS FRIENDS OF MINE AND THE TUESDAY CREW. You may have seen her in THE NUTCRACKER A NEW ADVENTURE, or even in the library show of 2019, ITSY BITSY: CONFESSIONS OF AN EIGHT- LEGGED WASHOUT. Ella was a dancer for 10 years and it is made obvious that her intensive training has really paid off. Ella has been blessed with her angelic opera voice thanks to a Calgary Girls Choir camp that ran for a week, seven years ago! She is also a regular at Pumphouse Theatre, as she has been attending their summer camps since 2016. Ella is in grade 10 at Saint Francis High School, where she contributed to their Advanced Acting program. Ella hopes you enjoy the 2020 AND 2021 Outpatient Collective, it might just blow your socks off!