A Festival Of Youth-Led Theatre

Written by Anton Matsigura, Danielle Simon, Daniella Snyders-Blok, Link Bechtold, and Amanda Petti

About The Play


Written by Anton Matsigura, Danielle Simon, Daniella Snyders-Blok, Link Bechtold, and Amanda Petti

It’s back!  Our annual festival of youth-led theatre is taking over West Village Theatre this summer for a couple of thrilling weeks of plays!

Going Up

by Anton Matsigura

So, you’re stuck in an elevator. It sucks. It Reeeealy sucks. You are stuck with people you don’t know and don’t like. The walls are closing in. You can’t breathe. So here you are, you and four complete strangers who soon realize they’re not going up, they’re not going anywhere… and they should’ve taken the stairs.

The Waiting Room

by Danielle Simon

Your life has come to an end. You and 4 other strangers are stuck in a room. You have no idea what’s happening or where you’re gonna go. All you have to guide you is a mysterious voice and your morals. And one thing is for sure, wherever you go, you’ll be stuck there forever.

Welcome to The Waiting Room.

Three Peas to a Pod

by Daniella Snyders-Blok

Colin, your awkward and nerdy florist, has decided to propose to his girlfriend, Charlotte, over a romantic dinner. Charlotte’s brother Mark is coming to town, and the opportunity is prime for a family celebration. After the arrival of an unexpected visitor, the house being destroyed and the entire plan being ruined, will Colin still make his move or will he give up and let the girl of his dreams get away?

Terror: A Love Story

by Link Bechtold

Everyone knows about the French Revolution. The treason, the executions and of course the cake! In the centre of it all was the radical leftist, Maximilien Robespierre. From the streets to the guillotine, Robespierre was raised for the revolution. He was known for his passion for revolt and beheading those who weren’t as devoted to the cause as he. But his passion wasn’t limited to just that. This is the tale of a radical revolutionary and his lover, l’ami du peuple, Jean-Paul Marat.

In Reality

by Amanda Petti

When Hollywood hotshot Wendy seeks out the next Reality Baking Show Sensation, but instead manages to round up some of Los Angeles’s flakiest characters to audition, her co-director, Pierre, begins to question the ethics and appeal behind this thing called show business.