2023 Cannonball Festival

A Festival of Youth-Led Theatre

About The Play

2023 Cannonball Festival


CYPT welcomes back the 2023 Cannonball Festival of Youth-Led Theatre. Six youth-produced one-act plays performed over two weeks! You heard that right – every show is directed, written, designed, stage managed, produced, and performed by youth age 10 – 19. We also have a handful of special guests, including performances from our Improv Intensives, our Alumni Improv Night**, and our Staged Reading Series of new works that might see the stage next year!

The Cannonball Festival performances are held at West Village Theatre. Tickets may be purchased in advance in evening passes, which include 3 shows for $20.

Note: We do not sell tickets for individual shows online, however if you would like to only attend one of the shows in an evening, you may purchase individual tickets at the door if there are any remaining for $7.50/show. However if you want to be safe and ensure you have a ticket, be sure to purchase online in advance.

*Our staged reading series is free.

** Alumni Improv Night is admission-by-donation. All donations will be processed through Shaw Birdies for Kids by AltaLink and matched by up to 50%! Recommended donation is $25 or whatever you can!




North, South, and West Improv Teen Classes

Our Teen Improv Classes have been hard at work honing their quit wits and snappy stories, and are ready to dazzle you with this showcase of Improvisational Fun!

Wild Things and Wisps

Written and Directed by Kailee Owen

There are witches in these woods, and the King wants nothing more than to find them. After growing senile in his old age, King Jordan sends his knights to hunt for witches in the woods. Among these knights are Leon and Elodie, both prodigies within the corps. After an encounter with a wood-nymph and a prince, our knights find forbidden love instead of fabled sorceresses. With no end to the witch hunt in sight, our two love stories begin to spill into each other. Secrets can never stay secrets for long—not when the trees are watching you.

Content Advisory: This show contains some coarse language.

Age Recommendation: This show is suitable for ages 10+


by Violet Griffiths, directed by Ruby Gaudet

When two lives begin to intertwine after a freak accident, an unlikely friendship forms between an overachieving musician and a drifter with the gift (or curse) of immortality.

Serendipity is a story about the joys and agonies of living. It’s a story in which everyone can find a piece of themselves. It’s an exploration of what it means to be human- because after all, life is as inevitable as death.

Age Recommendation: 9+

As You Were

by Sloan Bristowe Turner

Is the world as I know it real? Are my friends plotting against me? Am I the only one seeing that bloody ghost in the corner? These are the classic questions begged by the state of paranoia – a staple of the too-stoned experience. Fortunately for most, the feeling is temporary, intangible. Unfortunately for Beryl and their friends, they are not most. When the search for their missing friend leads to a house that seems to feed on delusion, it falls to Beryl, the seasoned stoner, to navigate the treacherous domain where reality is as one most fears it to be.

Content Advisory: This show contains references to drug use, death, frightening imagery, loud sudden sounds, coarse language

Age Recommendation: This show is suitable for ages 16+ or age 12-16 with parental discretion

Teen Improv Night

Our Teen Improv classes come together to show off their on-the-spot creativity and imagination. Families and friends of participants are welcome to attend, and additional tickets may be availble at the door.

Age Recommendation: Improv is unpredictable! Parental discretion for small children is advised.

Alumni Improv Night

Join us for this late night home-coming as we welcome back CYPT alumni, graduates, and staff to improvise… something!

Age Recommendation: This show is suitable for ages 16+ .


The Gods Play Dice with the Universe

by Riley Zipursky and Maya Karagianis

Einstein (acknowledged genius) once said that “God does not play dice with the universe.” Well….what if he did? And, what if he brought his friends? You’ll see: God and his posse of weirdos (aka, other Gods) all get together to play DnD, but…they don’t get along very well. We’ll see their exploits, battles, and irritating personalities as they struggle, against all odds and the literal Devil, to succeed, for their sakes as well as…all the sakes. We’ll question their morals, side with that same Devil, and wonder what they’re really all about. Get ready for a wild ride, because the Gods are playing dice, but…well, they really suck at dice.

This show contains some mature language and content. Age Recommendation: 13+


by Viktor Clayton


MAGIC is a mind-bending journey that follows 4 teens on a search to save the world from a new threat that has too much power and is not afraid to use it. These teens will have to deal with romance, friendships falling apart, being locked up in a mysterious jail for monsters, journeying through creature-infested forests, and the everyday struggles of saving the world from terrors! Join Lucas & his brave friends on their journey to find what makes them friends through song, dance and an immersive experience!

Age recommendation: 8+

Homing Pigeon

by Lula Arias & directed by Rebecca Bazant

A word doesn’t seem an intrinsically meaningful thing. But “home” appears to be loaded with nuance – both literal and metaphorical, it is a term difficult to define. How could a person exploring their personal philosophy in a semi-real space possibly be the one to figure it out? Especially with another confusing entity there, it feels like this person’s journey towards an answer is more of a stumble than anything else. Facing a convoluted exploration, it becomes evident how necessary it is for them to control both body and mind in order to find out what home might mean in the most personal sense.

Age Recommendation 9+

Season Launch Party!

Every year we gather together at the end of Cannonball to celebrate another fantastic festival, and to announce next season’s shows! This event is free and open to everyone, including Cannonball participants, CYPT community, and the public.