Production Team

Production Team

Every CYPT production is led by a team of qualified professional artists.  Keep reading to learn more about our fantastic professional team on The Sleepy Hollow Project.

Tonisha Kroeger, Stage Manager

IMG_2057Tonisha has been working behind the scenes with CYPT for many years now. Previous credits include, The Curse of the House of Atreus, A Little Princess, and A Midsummer Nights Dream. She’d like to thank the cast and crew for inspiring her everyday. Enjoy the wonderful terror of Sleepy Hollow!

Victoria Krawchuk, Costume Designer

VictoriaHSVictoria Krawchuk received a BFA Theatre Design degree at University of Alberta in 2013. In her last year at University, Victoria was costume designer for Ron Jenkin’s production of Macbeth and assistant costume designer to Bretta Gerecke for Whisper. Recent credits include set and costume designer for Rosebud Theatre’s Our Town, costume designer for the Canadian Badlands Passion Play, costume designer for Fire Exit Theatre’s Halo. Victoria is excited to be working once again with Calgary Young People Theatre, after working this past summer as costume and co-set designer for The Curse of the House of Atreus.

Braden Griffiths, Set Co-Designer

IMG_1002Always a favourite time of year for Braden, he and Mike have spent the last five autumns designing and building for CYPT. You may have seen their previous work on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland and Frankenstein, Count of Monte Cristo and Holmes and Watson. So proud to be designing for this amazing bunch of kids!

Mike Tan, Set Co-Designer


Photo submitted by Mike Tan.

A long-time bed-wetter, Mike has also dubbed himself the 5th member of the 90s pop group, Boyz II Men.  His proudest accomplishment was the day he learned how to velcro his shoes.  He fought a bear once.  Really!  It’s true!  The bear attacked him from behind and broke his Quidditch arm, and he’s pretty sure he wouldn’t have survived if the nice ladies who worked there at Build-A-Bear hadn’t helped him untangle it from around his neck, stuff it with love, and name it Gary.  Mike would like to thank his best friend Jamie and sincerely regrets that he didn’t send his bio in time.  He’s super grateful that CYPT saw fit to mention that he’s also a widely respected actor, designer, and photographer, having most recently won a Betty Mitchell Award for his performance in Travels With My Aunt. 

Ajay Badoni, Lighting

216341_5395710909_8961_nVery little is known about Ajay Badoni.  Some say he’s a wizard.  Some say he can only be seen by those with a pure heart.  Some say he floated into existence on a dream to save the world from killer pandas.  Whatever his origin story, he’s a long-time CYPT lighting aficionado, the fastest ladder climber in the west, and almost certainly made of clay.

Kristin Eveleigh, Director

hughyKristin IS.

That is all.

Actually Kristin is the Aritstic Director of Calgary Young People’s Theatre as well as a skilled musician. If you’d like to learn more about Kristin, click here.

Young People and Alumni on Our Production Team

Assistant Director:  John Tasker

Assistant Stage Manager: Grace Wilson

Props: Alex Cookshaw

Music: Cole Evans

Fight Captain: Hannah Stobbe

Make-up effects: Andrew Burniston