Cannonball Gallery (2016)

Cannonball Gallery (2016)

Cannonball Festival

May 4-7, 2016
at West Village Theatre
All photos by Rob Galbraith

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No Exit
by Jean Paul Sartre
Directed by Robert Morrison
Stage Managed by Grace Wilson

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A Tale of Two Shoulders
by Sophi Murias
Directed by Sophi Murias
Stage Managed by Kyle Kubicek

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Act Without Words I
by Samuel Beckett
Directed by Curtis Wilson
Stage Managed by Kyle Kubicek

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by Cole Evans and Hannah Stobbe
Directed by Hannah Stobbe and Cole Evans
Stage Managed by Lauren Moore

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Life in the Realm
A Scene Series
Directed by Kiana Wu
Stage Managed by Taylor Sisson

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Words for Tomorrow
A Collective Creation
Directed by Cordell DeRosa and Parker Feenstra
Stage Managed by Grace Wilson

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