2019 Cannonball Festival

2019 Cannonball Festival

2019 Cannonball Festival

May 2 – 5, 2018
at West Village Theatre
All photos by Rob Galbraith

Visit the SmugMug Galleries linked below (for limited time) or click the thumbnails for each gallery at the bottom of the page to enlarge and view.

The Wake

by Bailey Lohmann
Directed by Nadia Kolesnikov

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by Mya Welsh and Ella Meakin
Directed by Mya Welsh

[theatr_gallery id=”7500″]


written and directed by Ben Gaudet and Heather Thomas

[theatr_gallery id=”7452″]


by Aiden Lang and Geneva Murphy

[theatr_gallery id=”7395″]

Super Spud

by Zoe Bechtold
Directed by Mari Wilson

[theatr_gallery id=”7359″]


written and directed by Kaylee Cavanagh

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Itsy Bitsy: Confessions of an Eight-Legged Washout

written and directed by Charlotte Nixon

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