June YP of the Month

June 8th, 2017

June YP of the Month

Is summer finally here!?!  Don’t get me wrong, it was a great winter of theatrical delights at CYPT, but we’re ready for some summer fun!  And the summer fun begins with celebration of our June YP of the Month!   This young powerhouse only joined us this year, but she’s packed in a lot of CYPT during that time.  Not only did she delight audiences with her vocal pipes and comedic charm in The Three Musketeers, she also stirred trouble in Cannonball’s Tech Week, and has been making magic with the Outpatient Collective as a writer of Grounded.  And she’s not done yet!  She’s also taking part in this summer’s show of The Fan, which is apropos, since we are huge fans of hers.  And who is this brilliant busy bee bringing brains and bravery to our boards?

June’s YP of the Month is none other than,

Jordyn Wood!!!

Jordyn’s first (and last) year with CYPT has been a spectacular experience. She made her debut as Queen Anne in The Three Musketeers this past fall, and more recently she starred in Tech Week during 2017’s Cannonball! festival.

Carter and Jordyn in Tech Week, 2017. (Photo by Rob Galbraith/Little Guy Media)

While in her middle school years Jordyn pinned down iconic roles such as “Bread Woman”, “Tree #4”, and “Flying Monkey”, the past few years have allowed her to get more involved in Calgary’s theatre community. She’s been actively involved in Robert Thirsk High School’s drama productions including Willy Wonka, Hairspray, and Treasure Island. The last two summers were spent rehearsing and performing at Storybook Theatre, and rather than spending her Sundays in church, she spent them at Lunchbox Theatre wearing a cape and doing improv with Dirty Laundry. In the fall, Jordyn will be packing up and heading to Simon Frasier University in BC to major in Theatre Performance.

Jordyn in The Three Musketeers (2016).  Photo by Rob Galbraith.

Through CYPT, Jordyn has made some lifelong friendships and has had the opportunity to work with some amazingly talented people. She is so grateful to be a part of such a loving and accepting community, and is only sorry she didn’t get to join earlier. But don’t fret! Jordyn is planning on staying involved with CYPT as long as she can, and will be spending her summer with the Outpatient Collective writing Season 26’s production of Grounded. Jordyn would like to thank her family and friends for always being supportive, and especially to her CYPT family for accepting her so readily with open arms.

“Acting is cool because you get to pretend to be another person without the identity theft charges.”

-Jordyn Wood

Actors perform a dress rehearsal of The Three Musketeers at West Village Theatre in Calgary on Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2016. The Calgary Young People’s Theatre production, written by The Outpatient Collective and based on the 1844 Alexandre Dumas novel, runs until Dec. 3, 2016. (Photo by Rob Galbraith/Little Guy Media)

Actors mug for the camera at West Village Theatre in Calgary on Saturday, May 6, 2017. The photo booth was part of a celebration rounding out Calgary Young People’s Theatre’s 25th season. (Photo by Rob Galbraith/Little Guy Media)

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