February YP of the Month

February 10th, 2016

February YP of the Month

It’s February, which means we’re all in the mood for a little silliness, just in time for our upcoming production of Village of Idiots!  It features an outstanding cast of young people, some of whom are brand new to our stages, and many of whom have been on our stages before.  One such performer is also our February YP of the Month!  This young lass keeps us all in stitches with her ridiculous sense of humour.  She’s been on CYPT stages for years, often in some pretty hilarious roles, and we are thrilled to enjoy those comedic talents in this wacky play (and in our rehearsal room). And who is this silly and sassy sweetheart of the stage?

February’s YP of the Month is none other than,

Aurora Becker!!!!


Well, where can Aurora start? What she can say is she still remembers the first time she was on a stage (of sorts) as a purple cat saving the day from a misunderstood zombie during her first CYPT summer camp when she was 5. This was one of many influential moments that allowed her to continue to portray a series of wacky characters in the many CYPT camps she has been part of. She then went on to her first CYPT main stage audition at age 11 with tremendous butterflies in her stomach, walked in to start chewing a fake piece of gum (Barbra Streisand-style) and recite Violet Beauregard’s monologue from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

IMG_1846Since then, she has continued acting regularly with CYPT and has gone on to be in 7 more productions including Daily Mischief Golden Summer, Little Princess, YCalgary special project, Holmes and Watson, The Lost Prince, and Richard III. She is currently rehearsing for the production Village of Idiots in which she will play yet another wacky character. Whenever she isn’t acting on stage, she can be found acting to herself whilst doing everyday things, coaching archery and competing in competitions, attempting to be somewhat satisfactory at cello, watching many many movies and hanging out with friends.

538244_444620318943864_618852517_nShe would like to thank her parents for their amazing support during shows and dealing with her post-show emptiness, and Jamie, Kristin and Gillian for being strong, encouraging role models in her life. Aurora still looks back on her first audition, that provided her entrance to an amazing community of friends and cast members, several of whom will have lifelong impact. She would like to point out that CYPT has been a role model in itself, giving support to anyone involved and by creating memories Aurora will carry for the rest of her life.

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory”

~Dr. Suess



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