November YP of the Month

November 10th, 2015

November YP of the Month

We are very lucky to work with a number of young people whose cheerful faces and enthusiasm brighten our stages even without the big lights.  November’s YP of the Month is one such young woman, who has been on our stage many times in many capacities, and always manages to bring her sunny demeanor in the room with her.  She’s a brilliantly talented young performer with a knack for knowing how to look after her castmates, and we so enjoy having her in our shows.  And who is this smiling sunbeam of silliness AND smarts?

November’s YP of the Month is none other than,

Hannah Stobbe!!!!!


Hannah and Tyra in The Sleepy Hollow Project (2014)

Five years ago, Hannah Stobbe tottered into her first audition for CYPT, still undecided between performing a monologue from Alice in Wonderland, or the President’s speech from Independence Day. Despite her boisterous exterior, Hannah was a sheepish young las, and vaguely aware of how strange it would appear for an eleven year old girl to march in and preach about the fight for humanity against extraterrestrials. After careful contemplation, she went with the Alice monologue, launching her first of many adventures with CYPT.


Hannah as Queen Elizabeth in Richard III (2015)

Since then, Hannah has taken part in seven of their shows, most recently The Sleepy Hollow Project and Richard III. Currently, she is in rehearsal for Atlantis, and is looking forward to CYPT’s upcoming Cannonball Festival, where she will be testing her hand at playwright and direction.


A young Hannah gazes upon the stage in a rehearsal for The Man in the Moon (2011)

In the years that Hannah has taken residence in the rehearsal hall, CYPT has introduced her to a welcoming community of extraordinary people, where she has been taught a multitude of things. She’s learned to embrace her silly side, that it’s okay to step outside of your comfort zone, and to be confident in your abilities; it can carry you far. Why settle for Alice when you could be President Bush? Sometimes it’s okay to take those risks. When not learning valuable life-lessons around the theatre, she can be found at Bishop Carroll, trying to learn biology. Hannah would like to give a shout out to her family for all they do for her behind the scenes. A big thanks to Kristin and Jamie, who have been with her through the start of her ever-exciting journey with CYPT, and continually inspire her to grow and learn both as an actor and as a person.

“We will not go quietly into the night! 

We will not vanish without a fight! 

We’re going to live on! 

We’re going to survive!

Today, we celebrate our Independence Day!”

Independence Day, a movie which Hannah doesn’t even really like

Actors perform a scene from Richard III at West Village Theatre in Calgary on Sunday, Aug. 9, 2015. The Calgary Young People's Theatre cast was gearing up for their final performance of the Shakespeare play. (Photo by Rob Galbraith/Little Guy Media)

Hannah and Parker as soldiers in Richard III. (Photo by Rob Galbraith/Little Guy Media)

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