March YP of the Month

March 4th, 2015

March YP of the Month

If you’ve seen a play at CYPT in the last six years, you’ve probably seen March’s YP of the Month at work, as he has appeared in 13 of our shows during that time!  He’s also acted in a number of professional theatre productions in and around the city, and this month, takes on the title role in our March production of The Lost Prince… and we couldn’t be more proud of his work.  And who is this plucky and prolific performer?

March’s YP of the month is…

Robert Morrison!

Six years ago, nine-year old Robert Morrison waddled on stage as a ninety year-old mayor, two years later, he played a ninety-year old mayor again.  In 2015 he’s  starting to wonder if he’s gotten too old for the role.

For the past 6 seasons, Robert has been fortunate enough to have participated in 13 productions with CYPT as well as productions with the The Shakespeare Company, Hit and Myth Theatre, Ground Zero Theatre (Titus Andronicus), Verb Theatre (Noise) and Theatre Calgary (A Christmas Carol 2011, Much Ado About Nothing). Robert’s interests focus on the experimental to Shakespeare. As a performer, Robert strives to find the unique and unusual in characters. He places an importance on the physical life of the character, using it as his base for the rest of his theatrical process. Robert looks to start directing in the near future and hopefully one day start his own theatre company.

Thanks to CYPT who have given him the tools to grow as an actor to succeed, and have introduced him to some of his best friends. Much love and thanks to his family for constantly supporting him and putting up with his teenage angst. He would especially like to thank Jamie Dunsdon for being true friend and mentor and trusting him to play the beautiful and challenging role of Prince John.

mischief-335“Hey! Respect the press conference protocol! Or you’ll have the Bunt to deal with.” 

– Mayor Wally Bunt 2012
Daily Mischief 3: Golden Summer By Jason Long

Juanita as Princess Sita and Robert as Stella the Whooping Crane in A Little Princess (2013)

Juanita as Princess Sita and Robert as Stella the Whooping Crane in A Little Princess (2013)



Robert as Jackie Birch and Erin as Katrina van Tassel in The Sleepy Hollow Project (2014)


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