2019 Cannonball Festival!

A Festival of Youth Theatre

May 30 – June 2, 2019
West Village Theatre

Our fourth annual Cannonball Festival of Youth Theatre is back!  Featuring a collection of one-act plays directed, designed, stage managed, written, produced, and of course performed by by youth!

The plays:

  • 2012

    Written and Directed by Ben Gaudet and Heather Thomas

    Have you ever wondered why the world didn’t end in 2012? The four Horsemen of the apocalypse are here to clear up any confusion. After deciding they’re having too much fun inflicting pain and suffering on the human race, this quartet of disagreeable co-workers decides to save the world. Or try to, anyways.  Join Death, War, Pestilence, and Famine of Horseman, Horseman, Horseman & Horseman Inc. in their mission to stop Armageddon.

  • The Wake

    Written by Bailey Lohmann, Directed by Nadia Kolesnikova

    Finn Morgan is dead. That much is known for sure. Finn Morgan: friend, foe, enigma. In the wake of his death remain questions of identity, legacy, and memory… questions asked by three strangers who find themselves drawn together by the life of one person. Who was Finn Morgan? The funeral hasn’t quite started yet, and there might be just enough time for Landon, Jasper, and Isla to find the answer.

  • Session

    Written by Mya Welsh and Ella Meakin

    Relationships can be hard. With nowhere else to turn, couples counseling could be the only hope for Devon and Sadie. As this young couple works through their problems, secrets are revealed about Sadie …and Devon begins to question who she really is.

    His world is crumbling,

    There’s only one thing left to do.

    Therapy is in session.

  • Metamorphosis

    Written and Directed by Aiden Lang and Geneva Murphy

    Felix is a young man with big dreams. After having a fight with his father, Felix makes his way to Twirl, a night club with the power to transform. There, Felix meets three beautiful and talented Drag Queens who take him under their wing. Honey Dip, Simone Shadows and Chantel teach him everything he needs to know to be able to turn out a look. After some trial and error, some valuable life lessons, and stunning performances from the queens, Felicity is born.

  • Super Spud

    Written by Zoe Bechtold, Directed by Mari Wilson

    Meet Spudley Starch, your average couch potato. He does homework. He doesn’t do homework. He lets one of the Tater Tots he’s babysitting named Yam (or was it Sweet Potato?), go into the woods. Which may have been a bad idea, since a money-making maniacal mastermind, the one and only Roodle MacDoodle, has just broken some vengeful spuds out of prison. Thus begins the graphic tale of a spud somewhat set on saving his fellow citizens of Spudville from becoming … comfort food.

  • Heartbeat

    Written and directed by Kaylee Cavanagh

    Have you ever heard the phrase “We’ll meet again in another life”? Have you ever pondered what lies before or after your lifetime? Will you come back? Christine has, and the mysteries of her past lives are beginning to unfold. In this existential, alternate universe drama where soulmates exist, young lovers Christine and Singer uncover the infinitude of their universe and the footprints they’ve left throughout it. And with the help of some spiritual visitors, they take a glimpse into the past and unearth the answer to the burning question. Who was I?

  • Itsy Bitsy: Confessions of an Eight-Legged Washout

    Written and Directed by Charlotte Nixon

    You’ve heard of Itsy Bitsy, the spider.
    You’ve heard of Jack-Be-Nimble, the candle-jumper.
    You’ve heard of Little Miss Muffett, the tuffet-sitter.
    But the true stories of these famous characters are ones you definitely have not heard… until now.
    Join us as these characters and more get a chance to tell their true stories for the first time.
    A fun-filled performance, suitable for all ages, touring to Calgary Public Libraries and presented in our 2019 Cannonball Festival at West Village Theatre in May, 2019!

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