Patrick Martin

About Patrick

Patrick Martin has been in three shows, in 2020, THE BELFREY HOUSE, (School Production)  and FRIENDS OF MINE & THE TUESDAY CREW (CYPT) and PURLOIN: IN THE COMPANY OF SCOUNDRELS (CYPT) in 2022. Patrick is excited to once again take the stage for this year’s summer production of A Little Princess. While off the stage, Patrick plays d&d, tuba, and electric bass. Patrick also engages in sketching, watercolor painting, and the occasional bout of writing. Patrick would like to thank a few people, starting with his parents, who let him do this whole acting thing, next on the list would be his sister, who actually found CYPT in the first place and got him into it, following her, Patrick would like to thank his drama teacher, who taught him much of what he knows about acting, along with a healthy dose of theatrical flair. Please enjoy the show!