Thank you to everyone who contributed time and money towards helping to rebuild our new venue, now called West Village Theatre! We are so very grateful for all the support we have received in this new endeavour.

Ian Wilson, Ainsley Hillyard, Ian McFarlane, Laura K, Kate Newby, Johanne Deleeuw, Talore Peterson, Arielle Rombough, Theatre Alberta, Brian Dorscht, Mariette Sluyter, Janelle Cooper, Kevin McKendrick, Anton de Groot, Time Dale, Elaine Weryshko, Jenny Conway Fisher, Kevin Jesuino, Kathryn Lundy, Clayton Robinson, Frederick Zbryski, Luigi Riscaldino, Janelle Pinckney, Kathy Burniston, Connor Williams, Karen & Griffin Cork, Norma Lock, Idan Wolach, Kelly Reay, George Pinckney, Alyssa Bradac, Jamie Dunsdon, Mark Ikeda, Emiko Muraki & Neil James, Mike Czuba, D Ferguson, Karen Ball, Dave & Leslie Ruether, Sharon Stevens, Iatse Local 212, Celine & Cory Ross, Val Campbell, Grant Eveleigh, Jodyne Jacobs, Kate Holt, Melanie Chesterman, Rose Brow, Jennifer Arseneault, Mike Griffin, Col & Ellen Cseke, Valerie Planche, Christopher Hunt, Duval Lang, Simon Mallett, Javier Vilalta, Vanessa Porteus, Robert White, Robert Morrison, Cathy & Wally MacNaughton, Clayton & Katherine Rondeau, Kevin & Lucia Semenoff, Robert & Lee Tasker, Karly Stobbe, Timothy Coburn, Terry & Becky Rock, Darren & Myriam DeRosa and to the 12 anonymous donors, thanks for helping us to achieve our fundraising goals.

The cast of The Curse of the House of Atreus in our new space!