CYPT School Matinee Performances

CYPT offers discount student matinees for most of our productions!  Learn more about this season’s matinees, and then fill out the form at the bottom to make your booking request.  All performances are held at West Village Theatre, which seats approximately 84.  In some cases, larger groups can be accommodated.

by The Outpatient Collective

It was their prom, and all they wanted was a night to remember.

And they might remember it. If they live.

Prom night was everything the graduating class of 2019 wanted it to be… until thirteen students woke up the next day on a boat in the middle of the ocean.  Now they need to figure out how they got there and how to get home, but they’d better figure it out fast.  The first body has just surfaced and thirteen has become twelve.

A murder-mystery thriller inspired by the works of Agatha Christie.

Contains mature themes and violence. Recommended for grades 8+

Curricular connections: mystery writing, the works of Agatha Christie, drama

Matinee dates: Tuesday Dec. 4, Wednesday Dec. 5, 2018
Showtimes: 9:00am and 12:30pm (note: if you are booking the entire theatre, we might be able to slightly vary show start time)

Running time: approx 2 hrs

Price: $10/student.  Adult chaperones get in free.

Snow White
by  Kristin Eveleigh and Jamie Dunsdon

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Who is the fairest of them all?

Snow White has led a pretty easy life, but when her jealous step mother decides to get rid of Snow White, she’s forced to flee into the woods and take up hiding with cottage of quirky and hilarious dwarves.  But her stepmother has a magic mirror and is determined to find and finish her…   Will she escape her stepmother’s envious magic?  Can she resist a bite of that shiny red apple?

A sparkling, touching, and hilarious new adaptation of the classic Grimm’s fairy tale!

Curricular Links: teamwork, cooperation, Greek mythology, fairy tales, drama

Recommended for grades K-12

Matinee date: March 21
Showtime: 10am

*SPECIAL SPRING BREAK PERFORMANCES, ideal for homeschool and private school groups: 2pm matinees on March 25 and March 26.

Running time: approx 2 hrs

Price: $10/student. Adult chaperones get in free.

To book your matinee, email today!