The Probably True (but also made up) Adventures of the Imaginary Book Club

Directed by Meredith Johnson and Amy Sawka
April 20 – May 5, 2018
Performances at Calgary Public Libraries and West Village Theatre

When Jimmy and Caydence Wolowitz are sent a mysterious invitation to join an imaginary book club, they are surprised.  After all, Mayor Kimmy has banned book clubs – they aren’t even supposed to exist!  But adventures await for Jimmy and Caydence, so join us on this adventure inside the world of Little Red, Prince Charming, and the whole fairy tale gang.

This show is touring to Calgary Public Libraries, and making two special stops at the Cannonball Festival!

Library performances are free, but contact your local library to confirm attendance (some locations may have limited seating).

Cannonball performances are $5 each, which may be purchased at the door or online as part of a nightly package.


*exact start times for Cannonball performances might differ slightly.  Both Cannonball shows are performed as part of a line-up of plays, and the listed times above describe the time each day’s festivities begin.  This play may not be performed first. You may buy $5 tickets at the door (if available), or to avoid disappointment, buy a ticket package HERE and enjoy three shows that day!