A Festival of Youth Theatre
May 2-5, 2018
West Village Theatre

It’s back!  Our third annual festival of all-youth theatre is taking over West Village Theatre in the spring.  Featuring 7 shows in which our youth have taken the lead, including youth created, directed, designed, stage managed, and performed plays.

Tickets are $5 per show, available in nightly packages HERE!  Tickets may also be available at the door, but we encourage you to buy in advance to avoid disappointment.

The Shows

The Love Life of Electro
Written & Directed by Zoe Bechtold

When slightly-magnetic super criminal Electro gets dumped in jail, the least he expects is some popularity. That’s all part of being “in the famous” after all. What he never foresaw was joke-wielding journalist Nelly, who instead of asking after the normal boring stuff (secret identity, backstory, etc.) asks after the one thing he’s never wanted to share (except with those involved) and the one thing she knows everyone has: a love life. And in the case of Electro, it’s seriously ridiculous.

Home To McMillen
Written & Directed by Abby Hunter

Lacey and Paul have lived on McMillen drive their whole lives, and been best friends almost as long, but a simple rift in ideologies can do a lot to a relationship. Set at the height of the U.S. involvement in Vietnam, two young, vital forces have to confront the fact the most important person in their lives doesn’t share the fundamental values that make them who they are. Home to McMillen, a Vietnam era piece that isn’t really about Vietnam at all.

Written & Directed by Noah Baker and co-written by Catrina Bowles

There is a light at the end of the tunnel that we greet with open arms; an angel that guides us towards something more. In our final moments that light becomes blinding. As a young woman lies on her deathbed, she sees this light, this angel, and he may not be quite as angelic as he seems.

*Contains mature themes and language.  Not recommended for younger viewers. Recommended for ages 14+.  Parental discretion is advised.

Unpaid Programming
Directed & Facilitated by Zach Friesen & Angel Lo

Tired of watching those same-old, boring paid programming ads on TV? Well this show is anything but boring! Watch as 6 improvisers become contestants in a Big-Brother/Survivor type competition for the chance to win… an incredible awesome prize to be revealed at the show! Who will emerge victorious? YOU decide in this fast paced improvised show.

*May contain suggestive or mature language.  Maybe.  We don’t know for sure.  It’s improv.  Recommended ages 12+

Centre Street
Written & Directed by Mari Wilson

The rebellion is as strong as their hearts, beating as one. When a pair of twins find each other on separate sides of a city divided by wealth class, they must journey down a dangerous path to right the wrong. In this heart-pumping drama, Centre Street is sure to leave you thinking about the power of family, and how, no matter what, we all have the power of free will. Above all, this show will leave you wondering if it is who we are as an individual, or what we are a part of, that defines where we belong in the labyrinth of life.

Any Night
By Daniel Arnold & Medina Hahn
Directed by Robert Morrison

When Anna, an unnerved modern dancer moves into a basement suit, romance blooms with Patrick, her helpful neighbour from above. As their relationship intensifies, so do her strange and violent night behaviours. In this Canadian romantic-thriller, audiences will be on razors edge as dreams and reality blur and sanity is questioned. Daniel Arnold and Medina Hahn’s play comes to CYPT after critically acclaimed performances in New York, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary.

*Contains mature themes and language.  Not recommended for younger viewers. Recommended for ages 14+.  Parental discretion is advised.

Cannonball also features:

The Problably True (but also not) Adventures of the Imaginary Book Club
By our 2018 Story Theatre Cast
Directed by Meredith Johnson and Amy Sawka

Our touring library show is back! And this time, it’s making a stop at the 2018 Cannonball Festival.