A Play About a Dragon

By Steph DeFerie

Directed by Nicola Elson

July 31 – August 4, 2019

West Village Theatre

It’s the middle of the Middle Ages, and Morton and his troupe of traveling players are thrilled to find out they have been selected to perform their play about a dragon for the King! Or at least that’s what they think… What they don’t know is they’ve actually been selected to slay a real, fire-breathing, actor-eating dragon! When they discover their mistake, it’s too late to back out – but how can they succeed where so many brave heroes have failed?

…And worse, what if they forget their lines?

A madcap comedy adventure about unlikely heroes and even unlikelier villains!

7:00pm Evening Performances and 2:00pm Friday/Saturday/Sunday matinees

Suitable for ages 8+. May contain some dragons!

Stay tuned for tickets.